Monday, December 7, 2009

Confessions of a Fuck Buddy

Having found some time out for trying out various crazy things these days I am on dating spree. So this weekend was date number 4 for me and I somehow persuaded my charming date to go on a long drive with me. I had to take the test of sanity before she agreed but somehow I managed to pass the test with flying colors. All was going well till the moment she boarded my car and she ordered me to turn on the music and before I could even give an explanation she was screaming at me: “How do you suppose we are going to spend these 8 hours without a music system”. “By talking” I replied and there began our journey of non stop conversations, some silly, some outrageous and some tantalizingly naughty. Once in a while I kept on popping her questions that not everyone is comfortable about answering but she kept on answering them all as if I was asking her something elementary which was common knowledge. The ease and the honesty with which she was answering my queries made me respect her even more and her sexiness started growing even more and more. There were many arguments but in the end there is one thing that she made me learn and I would like to carry these lessons with the rest of my life with me. “When it comes to sexuality don’t believe every word of what a woman says. Not many women would answer the question in affirmative like me when you ask her bluntly the question whether she masturbates or not”. I realized that she was one the very few (I can count them on my finger tips) who had answered this question in affirmative and that had led me to make some assumption that were clearly misplaced from reality. And in the end I am so charmed by her honesty that I want to go with her on a long drive once again.

I know you are reading this so I would ask you once again. Would you go out with me and once again create some fond memories?. There won’t be any music this time too but I promise that I would get that horn repaired!!!


jay said...

You are one lucky guy to have such a girl friend

Aguy said...

Nothing like a honest,tell you all without any fuss kinda girl.Its easier to spend time and share your thoughts/emotions with a girl who possesses such a charm.Makes me want to have her more, rather than the one who is all shy and would act like she has not even heard of such terms.I mean how fake is that!!
I liked your post,hope to hear more such long drive ones.