Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wife swapping parties in Delhi

“Do you know of any club that is into wife swapping in Delhi?” This is the first question that most people ask when they come to know that I don’t do wife swapping parties. Come on Delhi get over it, it makes it sound so ridiculous, like a desperate attempt to have sex that the Delhities would even treat their wives like objects and swap then like tradable goods. Please don’t approach me if you want to end up asking this question. Please take some time out and read my blog so that you know what my parties are about and what the whole idea is. It upsets me when I have to answer the same question and again and countless times, I would once again emphasize that our parties are not wife swapping parties and nor can I refer you to any such club that engages in wife swapping parties. So only approach me if you feel that you and your partners have independent sexualities and both are open to exploring it independently with no conditions attached. And yes there is one question that I would gladly entertain “Do you hold husband swapping parties” :-)

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