Thursday, September 20, 2012

There is more to the world then Man on Top and Woman on top

I was with my school friends a couple of days back and in all the banter someone started conversation about the topic we all love :) After listening to them intently I decided to pitch and started talking about kinks and alternate forms of sexuality and suddenly everyone got interested. It was like I am telling them my personal fantasies and most of them were giving me a dazed expression on what I was talking about. When I was talking about "foot fetish" everyone was laughing that why someone in the world will do that. The explanation of the word "cuckolding' got them really uncomfortable and talk about BDSM made them feel sick. I kept going in enthusiastically when someone pitched in and said that he only understands woman on top and man on top and all this sounds so silly to him. Then was the time I realized that I had spoken too much and it was time to fall back on the chair and carry on with my diet coke.

PS: From my personal experience we are the most sex crazed society but we score very dismally when it comes to the kink quotient  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time I test my luck once again - The cinema grope :)

Once in a while I feel like trying my luck in something kinky :) This is that time of the year again when I am once again itching to do something kinky personally.  This time I was thinking about being invited for a cinema grope in delhi. I wont go into details but for those couples who might get interested here is a clue to the adventure that I seek....I get invited for a movie and sit next to you both with my hands being just a little bit more active than the usual. If there are any kinky couples still around then I am waiting for an invitation. Its time that someone plays the host for me this time :)

PS: You may come up wtih something kinky from your side and I am would always be eager for new experiments!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If you are the one who likes it when she flaunts it then the next party is for you!!!

Are you the one who gets turned on with the idea of your partner dressing sensually and flaunting it in public?
If this idea turns you on and your partner really loves to flaunt her sensuality in public then you don't want to miss the next party. !! Yes we are back after a long hiatus and the next party is going to happen soon. We get a lot of invitation requests so the spots will be filled on first cum first basis. As always there will be no compulsion for anyone to participate but yes we  have thrown in one rule for this one. The better halves should be the one who like to dress in accordance to the theme of the party. So if you want to take part in the party and she thinks this is the party where she can give an expression to her sexuality by the way she dresses email us with the subject line as "This is how I am going to be dressed"!!! at . We are looking for the lady to give us a sneak peek into how she is going to get dressed for the party so its better advised that the writing part be left to the ladies :)

PS" Its going to be another night of clean, safe fun and yes dint worry there would be change rooms at the party venue for you to change into something adventurous

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We all sail in the same boat. Who’s up for some same room adventure?

Its such a simple kink and nearly everyone of use will be having this kink. Making love with our partners with eyes watching us. With the idea appealing to all how could such a simple thing ever skip my mind!!!! So planning to have a party soon(very soon if I may add :-)). As always rules will remain the same but there will be no grope walls, no lick chairs but just plain simple settings where you can make love to your own partners and enjoy seeing others making love. Voyeurism if you may call it but it’s a onetime experience you would definitely want to have (In a safe and controlled environment !!!!!) And as always its always upto the ladies with their sensuality to make the night more electrifying so you are all encourage to carry a sexy night dresses along with you to spice things up!!!! Email me at with the subject “We are ready!!!” :-) if you want to be part of this simple but exciting experience

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the kinkiest of them all?

Even as a write this whole nation is engulfed in frenzy of the Indo-Pak cricket match happening today. Many people as me how does it feel to be a part of the parties that I organize and seeing the atmosphere around I can tell you that its exactly the same environment. There is anticipation, excitement, nervousness and most importantly the fear of the unknown. You can tell it when you talk to the couples that they are excited yet nervous about the party. Many are not able to sustain the mixed feeling and just pull out at the last moment (that I personally think is a wise thing to do). But I have to talk to them in length for days to make them comfortable for the event so that no one behaves in a manner that can prove detrimental to the to the bigger objective behind all my parties.
Now moving on to the updates from the party side.:- ) Since this party is going to be centered around the un conventional theme I have decided to make it more kinky by installing mirrors on all the walls. It is going to cost me a fortune but if it can have the desired effect that I hope I will have then all the investment is going to be worth it.

PS: Thanks Mr and Mrs JJ for your generous offer to help me out with dinner. I really appreciate that gesture and hope that you will enjoy the party as much as I enjoy hosting these parties.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Resistance is futile – Learn some new kinky skills in the next party!!!

“Resistance is futile” - Yes that’s the theme of the next party and its going to be an exploration of your wild side. We all talk about spicing our sex lives by trying out new things so here is your chance to lean new skills that will make your mind explode with ecstasy and you will long for more. And If you thought that things like BDSM were meant for society misfits and geeks then you’re though process is going to change in this party and you are going to back home as a “top” or a “Bottom”. More importantly you are going to go back “loving it”. You will be having experiences that feel so good that you will want to do it day after day till the end of your life!!!!. You will learn new skills like Table Service, rough body play, resistance play. These skills will act as simple building blocks to experience the ultimate form of orgasm – “The orgasm of the Mind”. So make sure that you get an invitation for my party happening in the first week of April. There is going to be something for everyone :-)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

There will always be a generation gap and sometime it shows!!!

Someone once told me what happen in the western swinging scene can never happen in India, And having hosted so many parties I could not have agreed more. But this perception was brutally shattered by a couple of enthusiasts who made a telling statement through their acts of sinful indulgence. I have been holding parties for now nearly 3 years and this was the first time I realized that I have come closer to the mission I set out for myself when I jumped into the swinging scene. I always wanted to be in a crowd that gives their sexuality an expression while the same time caring about the sensibilities of those around them. And my last party saw the fulfillment of my desire and now I can settle in my grave peacefully :-)