Thursday, September 11, 2008

Don’t miss the final swingers party of the year!!!!

My professional engagements have been keeping me very busy of late. And as things stand I don’t see it getting any better in the near future. Honestly I feel a guilty when those lovely couples who have put so much of trust and faith in me are expecting the parties to happen and I just have to ask them to wait. It’s not fair on them so I have decided to hold one last party for the year and take a little break and come back next year. Since this is the last party I would try my best to make it a memorable one for all of us. A couple of European swingers have also shown interest so this one is going to be an interracial swinger’s party!!! So be sure to book your slots now (only two slots left) at one of the safest and discreet swinging parties in Delhi. Inspired by the Olympics this party would also feature some of the wildest and entertaining sex games that we would call the sex Olympics!!! So what are you lovely people waiting for? Mail me now at and I personally promise you the best time you would have ever had for a long time. :-)

PS: In this party every one would be tagged by the names they feel reflect their sexual mood during the party. So if you decided that you are in a slutty mood then you can very well ask for the tag of “Slutty Anita”!!!


sanjay said...

i want to join u r swingers party

Anonymous said...

Hey Swing-maestro!

I get it, I'm hooked, but where and when? We're first timers, and keen, but woefully ignorant.

Ravi said...

We couples (M & F) are based at Chennai, and are interested in Swingers Party. How that can be acomplished is the question of the present.